Tenant Resource: Sunizo Update Regarding Coronavirus

At this time, we understand there is an element of uncertainty with the coronavirus pandemic. We also understand that many businesses are suffering during this time of crisis and that they are working diligently to determine their next best course of action.

With this in mind we want to let our tenants know that we are actively taking steps to assist you where we possibly can however it is important to understand that the Landlord as well as Sunizo are also suffering the adverse effects of this terrible outbreak.  As property owners we have financial obligations, including mortgages, utilities, payroll, insurance, taxes, etc. that must be paid so we are requesting that we all work together by urging our government representatives to take appropriate action to assist all of us with federal financial government assisted relief during this time of crisis.

Sunizo is also informing tenants about some of the relief services they can apply to help offset their losses that we will be looking into ourselves. These updates can be found in your email inbox, on social media and our website at www.sunizo.com under the “News” tab. We want to emphasize the circumstances and resources directly linked to the coronavirus are changing frequently and we recommend that you also continue to do your own independent research and follow the guidelines and updates from the government and health officials.  We encourage you to investigate all relief programs that the government is offering and stay up to date on what additional resources may become available, especially with the impending stimulus package the government is currently working on.

Additionally, we are working alongside our industry leaders that include the Institute of Real Estate Management, International Council of Shopping Centers and Urban Land Institute who continue to lobby government officials on a daily basis for  swift assistance as well as ensure the financial burden of this crisis not be disproportionately borne by any one party. We are hopeful that over the course of the next few weeks the situation will improve and our economy will quickly rebound. However, if government officials determine the pandemic is heading towards a long-term crisis, at that time, we will be happy to discuss your circumstances on an individual basis to try and best determine a course of action.