About Us

Here at Sunzio, we pride ourselves on delivering superior property management that is focused on helping our clients make more money with less hassle.

How do we do that? Simple, we offer a complete solution to property management – from finding tenants, to negotiating terms and writing leases, to collecting rent, to overseeing repairs and improvements, to providing detailed reports that delivered unparalleled transparency and accountability.

In short, we take the aggravation out of owning real estate so all our clients have to do is sit back and collect the rent. We even make that seamless by depositing your rent straight into your bank account each month.

The team of real estate professionals here at Sunizo offer 180+ years of property management experience, covering leasing, rental collections and enforcement, repairs oversight, accounting and administration. Currently we manage just over $100m worth of real estate in Georgia and Florida.

“Sunizo really does offer superior realty services. Unlike other property managers where you feel like one of many, the Sunizo team are ready and responsive to all our needs, going above and beyond to deliver solutions rather than report problems. I highly recommend giving them a try.”
Steve McKnight, President Ozinus Realty LLC

If you’d like to discuss the services that Sunizo can offer to manage your investment property then please email us the details of the property and the best way to contact you to discuss this in more detail.


Vision: Superior Realty Management

Mission: To foster strong partner relationships by delivering excellence in client service and industry leadership.