How to Rent a Small Warehouse (for Your Business or Personal Needs)

If you are looking for a small warehouse space for your business, we can help you with some tips and information to get you started. These important factors should be considered before, during, and after leasing a space.

Determine Your Use

There are many reasons people are looking for warehouse space. It could be for a business or even for personal needs, such as storage. When looking for a small warehouse space have a clear and concise idea of how you will utilize the space. Do you have an e-commerce business, a welding shop, or furniture business? It is important to determine how you are going to use the space to figure out what you will need to pick the appropriate space.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing where to lease a small warehouse space, you will want to keep in mind your location. Where are you interested in leasing a space? Do you want to be close to any of your other business locations? Do you want to be close to home? Should your business be close to major roads or highways for transport? You may also want to determine if you want to be close to an airport.

Would it be advantageous for your store to be on a busy street or a remote location? Do you want to be nearby other related industrial warehouse facilities so you can collaborate on projects and create business opportunities? Determine where the best location will be for your needs.

Find Out the Zoning for the Area You are Interested In

The process should also include determining if your business is allowed in a certain location. You can always call the zoning department for a county or city and ask them if your business will be allowed at a specific address. Furthermore, you will have to determine if the owner or landlord of the space you are interested in will allow your business at a location.

Brainstorm What Layout Style Works Best for Your Needs

Different warehouse facilities offer a wide variety of options for tenants. Some facilities only have small warehouse spaces available. Other spaces could include office spaces in addition to the warehouse space. You will want to know the type of layout you want to best fulfill the needs of your business.

If you have multiple employees you may want office spaces and restroom spaces in the unit. Some facilities have restrooms in each unit, others may have a public restroom for all of the spaces on site to use, and others may not have any restroom available. In some cases, a floor plan or virtual tour may be available of the interior of the warehouse space to give you an idea of the space.

Take into Consideration Property Features

The features of a property may be one of the most important aspects to consider when looking to rent a small warehouse space. You will want to keep in mind the following questions. How many employees and customers do you estimate will come to this location? Do customers engage with your business online or at another physical location? Will you need a few parking spaces or several?

You also may want to consider if you want a storefront with visibility. Some locations have glass windows and doors for an inviting appeal, while others are solely warehouse space for those who do not need a traditional store front. 

Does your business require air conditioning in the office spaces or warehouse? You will want to determine if air conditioning is a priority for your products or if your business does not need it.

One of the advantages of warehouses is that they typically have overhead doors. If you plan on using trucks and machinery that will frequently go in and out of the warehouse, you will want to know the height and width clearance you need to go in and out of the warehouse. In regard to loading and unloading materials and items, you will want to evaluate if you need a loading dock, dock high, etc.

Know the Lease Type

Furthermore, it is important to determine what type of lease the space you are interested in requires. Is the lease a modified gross lease or a triple net lease? There are several different types of leases and it is vital to know the lease you are potentially going to be signing up for. The parties involved with the leasing process can go over any questions you may have about the type of lease.

What is the Term of the Lease

When doing your research, you will want to keep in mind how long you will stay at a location. If you project your business will expand or down-size in the next few years, you may want a shorter lease. If your business only requires a certain amount of space, and believe it will remain this way for the foreseeable future, then you may want to commit to a longer term lease. There are some locations that require a minimum lease term and some may even have a maximum term commitment. 

Where to Find Small Warehouse Spaces

Now you will have to determine if all of your criteria can be met with the inventory that is available. If you look at your local zoning map, find out where flex spaces and industrial parks are located and drive by locations you are interested in. Often times you will come across a “For Lease” sign at these locations and you can call and ask for more information.

In the digital age, you can find listings for warehouse spaces on many websites like Sunizo Superior Realty Management is a commercial property management company with industrial warehouse spaces available in Florida and Georgia. You can find warehouse spaces in some business and real estate magazines and publications. You can also reach out to commercial real estate companies. Sunizo Superior Realty Management has worked on several deals with agents over the past few years and we enjoy the professional relationships we have developed and welcome more. There are a plethora of ways to find listings for small warehouse spaces.

Make the Call

You have gathered some basic information about what you need in terms of a small warehouse space, and you have an idea of how you will use the space and for approximately how long. Now it is time to make the call. If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to call when you research and view listings.

Sunizo Superior Realty Management has extensive experience in the commercial real estate sector. If you are interested in space or are just researching some options, we can help determine if any of our available warehouse spaces fit your needs.

Visually Research and Visit the Property

After you have determined a space may work for you, make sure to check out the property. When researching, take a look at photos and videos attached to listings of the property. If a virtual tour of the property exists, take some time to virtually immerse yourself into the tour and look around to see what the property has to offer. This is a great option for those who live out of the city or state in which they are hoping to move.

You can also call an appropriate contact on any listing you are interested in and request to view the property in-person or have them take you on a tour.

Apply for the Small Warehouse Space

Now that you have found a space that fits your needs, it is time to apply! The landowner, commercial property management company, or other business entity will want to gather some information about how you intend to use the space and may ask for basic and additional information about you or the business, similar to what we have already covered above. When applying ensure your information is accurate and correct to ensure a smooth process. Some companies may also require background checks and income verification.

Review Your Lease

If your application has been approved, a physical or electronic lease will be sent to you. It is important to read through the entire lease and understand your commitment to the lease. If you have any questions, ask the appropriate contact to clarify the information. If you have a lawyer or legal team, you may want them to review the lease.

Sign and Gather All Necessary Documents

If you are satisfied with the conditions and are ready to take the next step, sign the documents. Many companies may require insurance as well. 

Move In

Congratulations! You are now leasing a small warehouse space for either your business or personal needs. If it is managed by a commercial property management company, make sure to get the contact information of your property manager. You may have to switch certain utilities into your name or your business name. You have reached the final step. You will want to take note of when your lease expires, when the term completes you can then determine if you want to renew your lease.  

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